Monday, March 5, 2012

LA Bloggers Conference

I just returned from the LA Bloggers Design Conference. It was a huge success! We met a lot of great bloggers and I also realized that I needed to blog about what I love....... FINISHES!  So, you will see my format totally change from here on out. My passion is finishes and texture and showing others how to get the "look" on their furniture and interiors. I will be going more hands on and teaching you how to! All those in favor...... say aye.

At the end of the bloggers conference, we went to see our sweet friends Brooke and Steve Gianetti. Brooke has a great blog, Velvet and Linen. They were getting their home ready to put on the market. Please don't be sad... they are starting a new journey of building Patina Farm! I was so smitten with their home. I wanted you to see some photos that were not in the book Patina Style. Here is a precious photo of their daughters room. I adored the positioning of the bed here. Also, the colors are just divine with a touch of princess whimsy.

How fab is this! Taking her original art and using the repetition of the size of the images as impact for the wall. Brooke was clear to point out how precious it is that the skunk and the cat are the same size and scale. Love it!


The Gianetti's never used their back porch, so they decided to close it in and have it as an office and a family eating area. It was truly divine. The textures all complemented each other so harmoniously. The brick floor, original outdoor boards and the parchment books jumped out to me.

When I went upstairs, their master bedroom was at the end of the hall. There was an amazing tree that is in the back yard and was visible outside these windows. I felt like I was in this magical tree house. The planked walls, floors and patina on the furniture and fabrics were just all perfection!

Sadly, we had to leave their home and buzz over to the shop. I was totally smitten by this chest in the window at their shop. The store also is the front of Steve's very successful architectural business. He has designed homes for wonderful people such as Barbara Streisand  and Hally Berry.  The Patina to this piece is phenomenal. This finish is why I created the Toscana paint. So worn and just barely there. The accessories in the store were the crowning glory to the great antiques. All picked out by the lovely Brooke! Thank you for staying with me as I learn how to blog. I love the idea of changing my format and look forward to staying true to my passion.... finishes and teaching.