Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Before and After : One Step Table

I am so excited to share this great table that was rescued using the Amy Howard At Home Dunavant Green One Step Paint. The table was an old card table that had a leather top but really needed some help.

All that sanding, stripping, and priming- who needs it? One Step Paint is a revolutionary new paint product that allows you to transform furniture, cabinetry and everything in-between with just one swipe of rich, chalky-soft color. You can use this even on Formica, plastic, metal, lacquered wood - yes it's that good!

Materials Needed:
-Quart of One Step Paint
-Stir Stick
-3-4 China Bristle Brushes
-Cardboard palette
-Light Wax
-Dark Wax
-T-shirt rag
The leather top was discarded by scraping it off
The table was then degreased using Simple Green.
The One Step was thoroughly shaken for about 1-2 minutes.
The paint was stirred with a stir stick.
The Dunavant green was painted on using a China Bristle Brush.
It took about 30 minutes for one coat to dry and then another coat was applied.
2 coats of One Step Paint
The tables was so simple that we added some decorative painting by adding white paint to the Dunavant Green.
Light Green striping
Completed table before adding the waxes
The china bristle brush was dipped into the Light Wax.
A cardboard palette was used to off-load the wax from the brush.
*You do not want the bristles to be overwhelmed with wax.
The bristles were swiped with the Light Wax in no particular pattern across the piece.
The table dried for about 45 minutes. 
Then the same steps were repeated using the Dark Wax.
*You do not want the Dark Wax to be too heavy.
The Table was buffed with the t-shirt rag to get that patina shine.
The Final Table After!!


  1. I am partial to classic lines in furniture so of course
    I love this piece. I also am enamored with reworking
    these pieces so they can continue to be service.
    In working with clients of all budgets its rewarding to
    show them how they too can have a home of their dreams.

  2. Love this! the table, the color the painted finish! (no option to post with my wordpress blog. I put in my wordpress url and it says that it has illegal characters LOL.) Google is also my nemesis! If I put a link to my blog, this site will probably think that I'm spam. Oh well...

    1. So sorry...I just changed the settings so hopefully you will be able to post your site next time!