Monday, December 30, 2013

Carrara Marble

I absolutely love the look of Carrara Marble and am excited to share with you a couple pictures of our new house. The marble in our kitchen in actually Calcutta gold. 
Since cararra has gotten out of control expensive with the kings in Dubai etc. Calcutta gold has bee a great replacement.
The Butler's Pantry
Kitchen- A work in progress
I love the marble on the island with the acrylic and leather bar stools

Carrara Marble is so gorgeous and looks great in all types of environments around the house.
In the Bathroom: Marble double vanity, satin nickel
Fabulous Shower

Friday, December 27, 2013

Toscana Finish

These doors from my bathroom

The Amy Howard At Home Toscana Finish is a seven step artisan process that builds layers of depth to create a truly authentic, delicately aged finish. 

Below are great examples of the Toscana look. 
I was in Dallas at the Mews Antique Mall and a few other shops in the area.
These were some old columns that we found.
They are a great example of Toscana finished and layers colors allowing the legno gesso to be heavy and crack your finish and flake off here and there.
Detail of the column
Another detail
Toscana finish: Almost worn away paint perfect for Toscana inspiration
Toscana look on cabinet
Toscana: Here is another reason why I adore our Toscana finish.
You can naturally wear away most of your finish and have this very Proven├žal look

Other Inspiration from Pinterest:
This is the perfect Toscana finish and color! Light wear and composition where it was used and loved for years.
Great Color Inspiration

We provide all products you need to transform a chair, mirror or collection of picture frames into Old World antiques. 
All products are available here!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas to you!! I wanted to share with you a few images that I love of Christmas decor for the holiday season! 
I use tree ornaments all over our house. I fill bowls up with them, tie them on the mantles garland, hang them from chandeliers. Here on the chandelier I hung ornaments with large vintage looking fabric ribbon.

I love to have fresh flowers around the home for all holidays!
Love this cupboard, with bits and pieces of Christmas greenery and roses. Pretty!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Featured Retailer: Stiltskin Studios

Michele and Ken Hiley:
The creative forces behind Stiltskin Studios can typically be found in their Dunedin, FL studio, covered in paint and re-imaging antique and vintage furnishings into something current for today's lifestyle. You can also find them at: and

From Michele, "My husband, Ken, and I are Stiltskin Studios. What began as a hobby in our garage (and let me tell you, Ken was NOT on board when I started painting vintage and antique furniture!) has grown into a thriving business. Our pieces ship to clients all over the country, as the majority of our business is online.  We now happily work out of a 2000 square foot studio in Dunedin, FL.

As our local clientele continues to grow, we recognized the need for a retail component..somewhere to see our pieces in person, gather inspiration,  purchase the products we use, and of course, learn about our techniques through workshops. Our retail shop is now open in Tarpon Springs, FL.  You can also find us on Facebook, on Etsy (stiltskin studios), and at  If you're so inclined, you can follow along with our trails, tribulations, and triumphs on our Blog at
Let me just say, Ken and I are THRILLED to be part of the Amy Howard Home family. We've been painting furniture for many, many years and have tried nearly every "furniture paint" on the market (and some that are not!) With every line we tried, there was always some aspect we didn't love. Either the paint itself was lacking, the ancillary products simply weren't available, or the business model didn't mesh. For us, we needed to LOVE every aspect of any brand we carried.  We weren't even sure we wanted to offer paint! Once we tried Amy Howard Home, however, there simply was no longer any other just felt RIGHT. 

Our initial interest in Amy Howard Home products was for use on our pieces, not as retailers. Once we tried the One Step Paint, we were hooked. The colors are rich and luxurious, the paint itself has great adhesion and a lovely texture, and the icing on the proverbial cake?  It doesn't have to be sealed!  
Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint in Selznick Gray

The Lacquer is equally amazing, and such a great addition.  No one offers anything similar, and for most DIYers, lacquer and high gloss are the hardest finishes to master...or at least, they were! Lacquer Spray makes it so much simpler, not to mention faster.  

Black Lacquered Chandelier in the new Retail Location
Amy Howard At Home High Performance Spray Lacquer
Amy Howard At Home High Performance Spray Lacquer in Begonia

What really drew us to the Amy Howard Home brand is the vast selection of products. As artists ourselves, we understand the importance of a comprehensive selection.  Just about every product we'd want is available in the collection. More than just a brand of paint, it's a lifestyle brand bringing together a luxurious product with the satisfaction of doing it yourself.  As Amy says, "enjoy the bragging rights"!  We're looking forward to helping our clients and students do just that!"

Stiltskin Studios
26 Hibiscus Street
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
(727) 320-2145