Monday, March 31, 2014

Neutral Color Combination

I absolutely love these three colors One Step Colors put together: Robin's Egg, Chelsea Square, and Atelier. The light combination works very well together as a neutral even though there is the addition of the blue. I hope you are inspired by this beautiful palette!

I love these French Blue shutters
Lovely Easter table setting

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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Make an Eglomise Mirror

Eglomise is defined on Merriam Webster Dictionary as: made of glass on the back of which is a painted picture that shows through. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras but the actual name comes from the 18th century French decorator, Jean-Baptise Glomy who is responsible for its revival. It was used in Italy from the 13th through 18th centuries. It was popular especially in the 15th century in Europe in decor appearing in paintings, furniture, glasses, vessels, and even jewelry.

Amy Howard At Home Mirror Stripper
Amy Howard At Home Mirror Solution
Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint or Lacquer (color of your choice for backing)
Paint Roller
Sponge Brush
Kraft Paper
Piece of Mirror
Amy Howard At Home Stencil
Plastic Containers/ Styrofoam Bowls
Putty Knife
Simple Green Degreaser
3 Bags of Mica Powder (3 colors)
China Bristle Brushes
T-shirt Rag
Water Source (for rinsing)

Lay mirror on flat surface with back (paint) facing up.  Using a paint roller, strip backing paint from mirror using AHAH Mirror Stripper.

Wait for the Stripper to react.
Use a piece of Kraft paper to lay down to take off the backing
After removing paint, apply second coat of stripper to remove any paint left and copper that is on silver.
Rinse stripper with Degreaser and water. 
Be extremely careful not to scratch exposed silver.
Lay mirror on flat surface, silver side up.  
Apply AHAH Antique Mirror Solution on exposed silver with a clean soft cotton rag.  
Continue applying to keep silver wet.  
This is a 15-30 minute process depending on temperature.  
Warmer temperature equals faster results. 
During application of solution, look at front of mirror to see "antiquing" taking place.
Once you see the silver begin to react, rinse well with water to stop the reaction. 
Let mirror air dry for air dry for up to 20 minutes.  
To speed up the drying process, you can use hair dryer about 10 inches away. 
Use a putty knife to apply pressure to the stencil.  Here we used the Ikat stencil.
After using the putty knife on stencil, remove blue side of stencil, exposing the sticky side. 
Apply stencil to silver side of the mirror piece.
Once on, use putty knife again to apply pressure.  
Using the putty knife helps to ensure that the stencil is adhering to silver. 
Once stencil has been applied to the mirror, mist with AHAH Antiquing Solution.  
This solution application will sit for 20 to 30 minutes. 
Rinse well with water to stop Antiquing reaction. 
 Dab dry with t-shirt rag.  Once dry, remove the stencil.
Using a rag, ware off the silver in areas, not too much!
Apply Mica Powders using china bristle brushes and shellac. 
Using water rinse mirror piece.  
Allow water to dry and repaint back of mirror with a AHAH One Step Paint color of Lacquer.
Here we used the Amy Howard At Home White Perfection Lacquer to spray the back
Final piece!

Love this Mirrored Eglomise Chest
Mirrored Chest
Behind a bed, Eglomise Mirror Wall art
Antique Eglomise Sconces
Eglomise Mirrored Bathroom Walls
Beautiful Greek Key Mirror

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