Monday, September 30, 2013

Accent Color

“Accent colors are colors that are used for emphasis in a color scheme. These colors can be bold or vivid and are used sparingly, to emphasize, contrast or create rhythm."

In decorating, I do tend to stay with a monochromatic color palette however; I do love when color is added as an accent. Color is an element that can add a whole new feel to a room depending on where it is placed. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Painted Furniture Inspiration

I have always been inspired by painted furniture. I love to see how the pieces are used in interiors to decorate a space. You can really find all types of painted pieces.

Simple white chest

I hope you are inspired and realize that you can create your own painted pieces!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rescued Chair

With painted furniture, each piece has a story. The time and effort that one puts into painting the piece gives life to that piece. I love looking in antique stores and seeing old pieces that have been painted and questioning where has this piece been? What is its story?

This is an example of a chair that I found at a small antique consignment store in Memphis.

First glance at the chair - I knew it had potential!

Full view of the chair

Evaluated the chair in the studio

Painted the piece with One Step Paint

Love the final look!

Full View of the Restored chair

I used One Step Paint, Antiquing Glaze, Light Wax, Dark Wax, and Dust of the Ages to get the final look. All available on or at one of our Retailers.

The idea behind our tag line - Rescue, Restore, Redecorate is essentially that you can give a new life to an old piece.