Monday, September 16, 2013

History on Gilding

Gilding is the golden surface produced by the application of gilt.  It dates back to as early as 2300 BCE with the Egyptians using gold leaf on wood and metal.  They would adorn coffins, tombs, accessories, etc. which have since been excavated. They would thin the gold in order to create the gold leaves. Today, the process it not much different than it was with the Egyptians for real gold leaf except that today, it is about 100 times thinner.

The Romans used gold leaf in more architectural ways with gilding the ceilings as well as in other ways throughout their buildings. This lasted throughout the Middle Ages in Europe with decorating palaces, churches, domes, and many other elements.  Also during the Middle Ages, the Chinese developed a way to gild on porcelain which was then adapted by the Europeans in their craftsmanship. 

Today, gilding is found in a variety of different ways but most commonly on frames and furniture.

Frame Detail

Frame and Furniture Details

And even Real gold is used as a decorative detail to specialty food items!

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*Do not try to add our imitation Gold Leaf on your food!


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  1. Ive seen the gold leaf accents before in food and thought how cool!

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