Friday, March 21, 2014

My Entryway: Before + After

When we first looked at buying our rescue house, I loved the entryway. It was dated but I saw the potential. The 11 foot ceilings and 4 feet wide staircase felt open and spacious.

In the 80's and 90's marbleized trim was all was the rage. The wainscoting was big in this home. We tore put most of it to keep a more simple approach to the entry.

I decided to keep the crown and base moulding and forego the wainscoting. Keeping the trim and the walls the same color opened up the entry even more. The carpeted stairs were the first to go. I loved seeing the beautifully refinished oak stair treads in their original glory.
Looking down from the 2nd floor

The contrast of our art collection with the traditionally designed antebellum home pops in contrast with artists like Rochat, Robinette, and Krispo. Keeping the entry free of the standrd console or chest feels edited and calming to me.

I do like the contrast of the 16th century Italian altar chairs with the encaustic Rochet paintings.

I kept the rugs light and muted. That way the concentration was on the contrast of the white gallery walls.

Since our entry is the centerpiece of the house, it is also a nice pallet cleanser before  you enter the Zuber papered Dining Room and brightly colored Living Room.
Walking inside!
Details of the artwork
Looking down from the landing


  1. Much improved!! Beautiful!!

  2. That's a gorgeous transformation. Love the simplicity :)