Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New introductions for 2015

It's New Years Eve and I am thrilled to share with you today a few of our new introductions for 2015! This coming year, we have a new space, new workshops and even new finishes coming out for the Amy Howard at Home line of products.

New Studio

While our move was exhausting, it has been a lot of fun creating inspiring spaces to let our students see all the ways to use the products to Craft a Beautiful Life™.
Our walls are vignettes and covered with all types of amazing finishes.

It's going to be exciting to introduce our new line of furniture stencils and stencil embossing cremes at Market in Atlanta in just a few days. 
Here is an example of Toscana with a stencil and antiquing glaze.
Another great example of Toscana and antiquing
It's Greek to me is just one grouping of classical furniture stencils that we will have. If you can't draw, no worries here! Stencils are a great way to add art to your furniture! Also, add our embossing cremes and you have magical raised 2 dimensional surfaces! They mix with the One Step Paint® too!!!! It's so exciting!!
Look for all our new products at our boutique retailers and sign up for one of their hands-on workshops.

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Step Color Mix

A great way to make your own color is by mixing the One Step Paint®. With the many color choices, there are still ways to mix them together to make your own custom color to fit your need. For this mix, I used three parts Mollie Yellow with two parts Massey Hill. I was looking to create a light peach.

Color Mix:

Flowers are always a huge inspiration to me
You can use a stencil to add color to your room
Beautiful color combination
Dining Room chairs
Or even a desk chair!
Another great color combination
Even bring color into your room with a headboard.

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Friday, December 26, 2014

Before & After Projects

Today, I have a few new Before & After projects to share with you! There are so many ways to use the Amy Howard at Home products to Rescue, Restore, and Redecorate your furniture.

One of our retailers shared this before & after with us.
Janet said "This small buffet was in great shape! I stripped the top and used Amy's WONDERFUL walnut Furniture Stain! LOVE IT!!! Then I painted the body with the Charm School One Step Paint and finished it with the Light and Dark waxes and Bronze Mica Powder to highlight the pretty cut work around the doors."

This buffet was restored using the Selznick Gray and Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint colors. It was then finished with the Light and Dark waxes.

Small Side Table
"This little table was scratched and dented and now it's lovely! Done with Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint - Atelier and then waxed with a mixture of Light Wax and Toscana Paint powder, Riviera Blue! Yes, I mixed paint in with the wax for a soft, pretty look!"

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Step Color Mix: Misty Orchid

A great way to make your own color is by mixing the One Step Paint®. With the many color choices, there are still ways to mix them together to make your own custom color to fit your need. For this mix, I used one part Orchid plus two parts Tick Tock. I was looking to create a misty orchid color.

Color Mix:
1 part Orchid + 2 parts Tick Tock

Beautiful use of color on the dining room chairs
I love the subtlety in this bedroom
Of course, fresh flowers
Lovely tufted velvet sofa
As an accent wall
Again used in velvet
And even as headboards for a girls bedroom

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Friday, December 19, 2014

AHaH Before and After's

Happy Friday! It's that time for sharing new Before and After projects! I hope you are inspired by the beautiful makeovers that our customers are creating.

This piece was painted in the Tick Tock One Step Paint.
It was then finished with the Light and Dark waxes.

Lollie & Gigi
This chest was restored in the Linen and French Blue One Step Paint colors
followed by the Clear Wax all over.
The detailing was completed with Gold Leaf, Light and Dark waxes, Dust of Ages and finally, the Soleil Mica Powder.

Small Chest
Before & After:  
Shelley shared with us that "This is a $3 ceramic pillar candle holder. Here is the layers...One-Step American Dream, Crackle Patina, One-Step Bauhaus Buff, Light wax, Dust of Ages, then buffed with a cotton rag, then Clear Wax. I was happy with the result but dark wax would really age it some more."

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Build It Yourself : Asian Mirror Frame

I am excited to share with you another one of our Build It Yourself (BIY) projects! 
I have provided instructions to create an amazing Asian Mirror Frame.

Materials Needed:
1/8” Plywood
3/4” Plywood
1/2" Poplar Wood
1/4" Round Over Trim
1 1/8" Decorative Trim
Table Saw
Miter Saw
Flush Bit
Pocket Drill
Screws & Drill
1" Brad Nails
Pin Nails
3/8" Dial
Wood Glue
Wood Putty
1/8" Mirror
Palmer Mirro-Mastic

Your beautiful finished Mirror!

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

Painting on Glass with Amy Howard at Home: Design Three

I am excited to share with you today the third post of this Series that we featuring on the blog with Painting on Glass using the Amy Howard at Home products.

Today, we are sharing the Decorative Glass Technique: Design Three
Using the AhaH Furniture Lacquer and clear glass, 
we can create artistic decorative glass to add to any space! 
This is the Mist Bottle Technique.
The following are images and step by step instructions to complete this project!

Materials Needed:
• Piece of Glass
• Water
• Paper towels
• Mist bottle
• Amy Howard at Home Vendome Grey Lacquer
• Amy Howard at Home La Grange Lacquer

Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1: Clean both sides of glass well using simple green or glass cleaner to remove any unwanted spots that might affect the composition of the finish.  Make sure to wipe dry.
Step 2:  Fill a small mister bottle with water. Holding the spray bottle above the glass, quickly mist water into air, allowing water to fall onto glass.  Make sure to move your hand out of the way quickly to allow more water to hit the glass.  Repeat this step 2 - 3 times.  Misting the water into the air, rather than directly towards the glass will help to create an organic composition of water droplets, which will be the base layer for the decorative glass.
Step 3: After spraying the water up and above the glass, spray 1 coat of AHAH Vendome Grey Lacquer.  The lacquer will sit on top of the glass and the areas where water droplets were created.
Step 4: Immediately after lacquer application, lightly lay down a paper towel on top of glass.  The water droplets will have lacquer on top of them, which will be absorbed into the paper towel and removed from the glass.  This will create an organic composition of glass spots.
Step 5: Let the coat of lacquer dry completely before moving on to next step.
Step 6:  Apply 1 coat of the AHAH La Grange Lacquer.  Let the piece dry.  
Step 6: Enjoy your finished decorative glass which you created using the AHAH Furniture Lacquer.
Beautiful Completed piece!