Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Painting Glass with Amy Howard at Home: Design Two

I am excited to share with you today the second post of this Series that we featuring on the blog with Painting on Glass using the Amy Howard at Home products.

Today, we are sharing the Decorative Glass Technique: Design Two
Using the AhaH Furniture Lacquer and clear glass, 
we can create artistic decorative glass to add to any space!
The following are images and step by step instructions to complete this project!

Materials Needed:
• Piece of Glass
• Water
• Paper towels
• Stencil
• Amy Howard at Home Silver Fox Lacquer
• Amy Howard at Home Black Lacquer

Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1: Clean both sides of glass well using simple green or glass cleaner to remove any unwanted spots that might affect the composition of the finish.  Make sure to wipe dry.
Step 2: Using a squirt bottle, squirt water onto glass.  Allow the water to reticulate rather than build up into large puddles. If water continues to puddle, lightly shake glass allowing water to spread out in an organic fashion.
Step 3: After squirting the water onto the glass, spray 1 coat of AHAH Silver Fox Lacquer.  The lacquer will sit on top of the glass and the areas where water droplets were created.  
Step 4: Immediately after lacquer application, lightly lay down a paper towel on top of glass.  The water droplets will have lacquer on top of them, which will be absorbed into the paper towel and removed from the glass.  This will create an organic composition of glass/clear spots. Let the coat of lacquer dry completely before moving on to next step.
Step 5: To help create visual interest, an artistic element can be added to the piece by using an AHAH Kiss and Cut stencil.  Apply the AHAH Greek Key Kiss and Cut Stencil to the lacquered side of glass.  
Step 6: Once the stencil is adhered, apply 1 coat of the AHAH Silver Fox Lacquer. Let the piece dry. This second layer of color helps to create depth and visual interest.
Let it dry.
Step 7: Remove the AHAH Greek Key Stencil from Glass.  
Step 8: Apply 1 coat of the AHAH Basic Black Lacquer.  Let the piece dry.  
Step 9: Enjoy your finished decorative glass which you created using the AHAH Furniture Lacquer.
Beautiful Completed piece!

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