Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A country estate outside of Paris

In honor of my upcoming trip to Paris next week. I am showing you my favorite Estate in Paris. Notice the awesome Trompe L'oeil wall behind this chest. The campania stone floor with the dressmaker look of these blue silk drapes are so French.

I have actually created walls like this years ago. I would use Benjamen Moore 926 as my base and use an ocher and blue gouache paint glaze over it. The delicate cartouche designs on this little chest are perfect with the shape of the leg.

I could curl up in this room and read right now. I love little tables like this one. They are the perfect for using colors that can have more impact in a room. We actually have a piece like this in the line. I love doing it in Paige blue toscana.

I adore the "grodiness" of the finish on this piece. Let's face it, fabulous old finishes on pieces sell the piece! When I go in an antique shop and find a piece like this. You better believe it is going home with me. Unless it is out of this world expensive. The last chest of drawers I tried to buy like this, was over $24,000. Hence, why I enjoy making painstakingly authentic looking antiques for our clients.

This view of the piece let's you see how beautiful the wear and composition is on this piece. There is a natural oval eye track. Not one area jumps out at you. I love the fact that the wall is a darker complementing value to the chest. It makes it have so much more impact this way. I cannot wait to get to the Flea Markets again. I will share with you what pieces are running like this  in the markets now.


  1. May I please come with you in your suitcase? Oh wait this is an anniversary gift, next time. I wish I could get walls the same worn look as that dresser but it's not to be. The dresser is fabulous. I can't wait to see what you find in the markets!


  2. Amy, I couldn't find your source notations or links for where you got these photos.

  3. I'd love to see you fix up that dresser. You could make it into a real beauty if you tried.

    -Zane of ontario honey