Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paris Markets

As most of you know....we just returned from our trip to Paris late last night. The first few days were spent going to markets and antique shops  around Paris proper. Later on the week, I will share with you the trends for 2012 as we saw them at Maison et Objet. These were images from my favorite market. The Marche  President Wilson. This fantastic market takes place every day from 7-2:30. It is primarily food and flowers. However, the artist in me saw all the colors as a palette for design work. Because Paris is all about their fabulous bread and cheese. I could not leave this image out. It looks as though this has been propped by a stylist.

They would hand make our pasta while we waited.  Any ingredient that we wanted in them... fresh. We always rent an apartment when we go to Paris. That way we can cook, entertain or have room for your children, family or friends  that might be traveling with you. We love using a company called Paris Perfect. They are a lovely couple that live in London and they own several apartments and rent them out for a week or months at a time. Most of them are located by the Eiffel Tower on the West Bank in the 7th district. The neighborhood is very quiet and upscale.

This is Paul. He owns a farm that he makes fabulous foie gras. Gene was officially adopted into his family and was hearing of his entire family history and the nuances of raising ducks and making pate. Paul is one of the reasons why we love markets. You feel like a local and you get to interact with people that love selling  what they make or raise. 

Look at this image and see how you can take this to be a color palette in your next room, painting etc.. The taupe, brown, creams, pale ocher.  I am so inspired at nature and how the colors are complementary. You will see this again in my designs.

The images of the cabbage,lettuces and vegetables  were outstanding. Love the color palette again.

These soaps are hand made from a little guy from the South of France.

Gene and I have decided we could live off of cheese and bread. The stinkier the better. I loved the monochromatic palette of creams and grays in this photo. I plan on using these colors in a new piece of furniture. The trim lines and the art so soft and gradated.
This is our favorite neighborhood restaurant. There is a lovely couple that runs it and is there every night working. They speak very good English. Everything is made fresh daily and is only duck!

They also have a great carry out. So you can have a beautiful Pate and crackers back in your apartment.

Foie gras and pate with toast is a must. So... they have a little toaster at each you can  make your toast just the way you like it.

Their duck cassolet is truly my personal favorite. I have so many beautiful images and furniture pieces to show you! I cannot wait to post tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back Amy I hope you and Gene enjoyed your Anniversary trip. My husband and I eat cheese and bread even for breakfast when over in France we can’t get enough either. I can’t wait to see what you brought back from you stay in France.


  2. Oh my gosh this all looks heavenly! I am in Memphis Feb 16-20 and my mom has me all signed up for your class that Sat! yay! Her birthday gift to me, can't wait. I wish I could eat that cheese in the pic you have here, NOW! Lovely photos! How I wish I could go to Paris soon!;)

  3. I'd go to Paris just to try the food.

    -Zane of ontario honey