Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sharing my Paris finds

I have always had a secret passion for all things zinc. The patina and color palette for my interiors with zinc..are the perfect pair. When we were shopping in  Marche Paul Bert we found this incredible fragment in zinc. It was from an incredible building and was probably early 1800's. The condition was outstanding. I am still contemplating the purchase of this piece. We have a container coming in a couple of weeks. If you are planning a trip to the Paris flea markets soon. I strongly suggest you using Camard as your shipper. They have a booth right in Marche Paul Bert.  You can write one check to them and they will pay all the dealers in the flea markets. That way you have not given money to dealers and wondering if you will ever see your piece. 
These wonderful little chairs were also at Marche Paul Bert. I am taking inspiration from them. I will be making them out of teak and using them as part of our  outdoor seating collection. I will make a settee design from them and larger chairs to go beside a pool or on a loggia. I get inspiration from things and then make them my own. I do love the idea of taking 18th century formal chair designs and making them in teak for outdoor furniture.

I am so excited to show you this piece. We are making it into a headboard design. YUMMMM. This over the top carved gilt is a great focal point to a very simple Scandinavian designed room. Here my cutie pie Gene is making a deal with his poker face. While I am jumping up and down outside of the dealers space, that I must have it.  This is part of our spring collection! 

I can tell you that everything we saw at the Maison et Objet was scrubby reclaimed finishes. Very worn and lots of age. I love this armoire with the scrubby finish and beautiful complimentary blue inside. You can bet you will be seeing this piece in April! If you wanted to buy the original you could plan on dropping $9,000. I love offering this piece for a fraction of the original.

I adore the blue on this sweet French cabinet. The patina and wear was just perfection. We are including this piece in the new spring line as well as the color! I will have it as part of our Parisian paint line as well. A piece like this makes a great server in a room with clean whites and creams and a little taupe. I will love customizing this piece for bathroom vanities too! Stay tuned....... more goodies to share tomorrow. I'm off to prototype land.


  1. Talk about inspirational! I only wish I could have gone as well.

    Your spring collection is going to be amazing!

  2. That carved gilt piece is just my thing and I can't wait to see the headbaord you make out of that beauty...it's fabulous! I can't wait to see more!


  3. I also love the blue on the cabinet. Great choice of color.

    -Zane of ontario honey