Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Marche Dauphine in Paris

Ok, so we are walking in Paul Bert on Saturday at the Flea Market. I am all about a great patina and painted furniture. I came across this adorable day bed. Of course, it is coming home with me. I loved the french mattress on top. You are starting to see French Mattress style upholstery all over the markets now! I can not wait to get this gem home and recreate it for part of the spring collection! I plan on hanging a large trumeau mirror behind it. I even see using this piece in an entry or bedroom or at the end of a hallway.
My new love is all things Scandinavian. Every time I see these benches, and they are authentic, they are very pricey. This one was over $9500.00. We are recreating some now for Spring. I do love the scrubby finish on this one. Imagine a great French mattress and some large bolster pillows! Bright yellows and pale blue fabric could be divine on this. I even love muslin.
We headed over to Marche Dauphine to see my sweet antique textile lady. I told Gene, it is like the abyss for me. I go in and think I will never get out. When I am designing a pillow and how it should look, I become very drained emotionally. I know that sounds crazy. I just want to make the most beautiful use out of such a piece of history. Fragments can cost thousands of dollars. Hence why wonderful antique tapestry pillows are an investment. Most of the fragments that I purchased were 17th and early 18th century. I will be sure and photograph them and show them to you when they are finished.

When you peruse the Restoration Hardware catalog you are sure to see this look. I have noticed the last few years that when I see something at the flea market in Paris, I will see the concept in Restoration Hardware a couple of years later. The use of chrome and reclaimed woods are everywhere! They were all over Maison et Objet.  I noticed that the same Chinese manufacturers making the same designs shown all over the market, just in different twists.  Hence why I am always for a classic timeless looks in my furniture designs and my interior design work. I want my clients to feel they have something they can enjoy forever and that their homes do not look like everyone else.

I thought these were really handsome and edgy side tables. They date 1960 and are of French origin.

The first antique piece of mirrored furniture we purchased was over 10 years ago in Paris. I love seeing mirror used in different ways on furniture. I especially liked the beveled apron and the faux bamboo legs in brass. This piece would date around 1960 as well. I have some great room designs using reclaimed woods tomorrow! I promise you will be inspired.


  1. You’re trying to kill me here with those textiles aren’t you? Yes they cost an arm and a leg just for fragments and I wish more people knew that so they would stop whining about my pillow prices. Anyway love that daybed and your idea of using a trumeau mirror above will look fabulous! I love how you shop and think, me, I just buy what I love and the rest follows!

    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Debra, I cannot wait to meet you in person and see your fab textiles.

  3. The day bed is lovely! I have a little vintage iron cot (simple style) that needs a French mattress. After seeing this one, I am determined to find one for it. :)

  4. I love the texture on the outside of that one chair. Really amazing work.

    -Zane of ontario honey