Thursday, February 9, 2012

Decorating with reclaimed woods

I have noticed over the years that I am drawn more and more to simple lines  and great textures. I have given most of my majolica collections away and don't love plates hanging everywhere anymore. I find clean lines comforting. Order! Everything has a place and is  where it belongs. Notice in this photo, there is no large molding, no trim around the windows and the monochromatic quality everything makes it so calming. The floor is reclaimed large plank oak that has been sandblasted and waxed. It is to die for! The linen shades, windows and door are all the same color! The entire photo has great oval eye track. You go to the door first, then your eye goes to the painting and down to the bench and then to the shades. That is great design. When I was in Paris I purchased a ton of new books. This is a series of design books that are from Beta Plus. This particular post are from the book, 100 best projects with reclaimed materials.
I thought these reclaimed timbers as stairs were quite a creative way of using reclaimed beams. The floors neutral palette allows the plum velvet to become a beautiful focal point. Notice that when you want the furniture to be the most dominant it is best to have your floors and your walls the same light reflective color. Notice simple lines and no trim again!

PERFECTION!  Mid century modern influences on the sofas and a great 18th Century console with an abstract painting above it. This is interesting and comfortable at the same time. A young family can easily enjoy this room day in and day out. Notice the reclaimed large planked floor again. I have been shopping for paintings for several design clients lately. I am officially saying that I will be working on canvas again ....within the next few weeks. I have the need to experiment with en caustic as well as fresco on canvas!  I will share some photos of them when they are completed.
Can't you just hear the fire crackling .  I wanted you to notice all the reclaimed materials in this photo. The plank top is out of this world fab. As are the old bricks and beams. I only wish there were a big bouquet of flowers in the center of the table. The breakfast area below has a great painted brick fireplace surround. I love the texture of the vertical boards for the storage cabinet next to it. The simplicity and well placed pieces are so calming. Notice the storage area below the actual fireplace! Love it!


  1. We were lucky enough to salvage several 200+ year old beams from the renovation of our carriage barn that my husband is using in our home. More on that later but I’m with you I love the mix of old and new.

    I think it’s an age thing wanting to pare back our collections. As we age we seem to want to streamline our home to make it easier on us for our day to day living. I’ve given away several collections of dishes and such, to much dusting! Looks like a wonderful book.


  2. The black step up stool is quite cute.

    -Zane of ontario honey