Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiring Painted Furniture

Everyone knows that I have long been known for my fetish of painted furniture. I have always seen furniture as my canvas. I love the fact that it took a team of  artisans to create an exquisite piece of furniture. Woodcarvers, painters, gilders all working together in harmony to make something that we can use and enjoy everyday.
Last night I treated myself to some "me time".  My own personal Teavana concoction, listening  to Yo Yo Ma with my new Dr. Dre headphones from Christmas and reading Carolyn Roehm's book "A Passion for Interiors" (given to me by the beautiful Jill Cohen).  I study beautiful interiors for inspiration and enjoy dissecting each and every detail that draws me in. Here the fantastic blue color of this console and the bole and gilt accent details, send me!

Notice the detail on the column pedestal. First of all pedestals are really difficult to find. This one is dreamy! The Greek Key detail on the floor is repeated on the column. The base of the column is completely gilded and then the urn and acanthus detail is painted on top of the gold leaf . If you want to replicate something like this, it will be important to use a toscana paint to have a very chalky dead finish to it. Most water based acrylic paints are going to have a sheen to them. I would follow with two waxes to seal your art work. One with an ocher color and the other a darker tint to add color and age.
Artwork that is monochromatic has the greatest impact to me.
I could literally sit and look at this image for hours. The green velvet bench and the complementary blue and gilt finish. The dead grays and blues with perfect wear and age. I really would suggest you get Carolyne's new book. Her taste is impeccable and her home is exquisite. The next time you need a creative escape, if just for a couple of hours, her book is perfect for it.


  1. Fabulous images but that second picture with the blue and gilt console is amazing, love it. I don't have this book so I'm off to check it out. I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!


  2. Thanks for the heads up on Carolyn's book. Time to join Debra and shop!

    Annie Sloan has a new line of chalk paint and I would think this would be perfect for the matte/velvety look.

  3. Glad to hear that you are pampering yourself with loveliness! All I can think when I read "pedestals are really difficult to find" is that Amy Howard needs to remedy that situation!!

  4. Gorgeous images and information! It's so nice to read about painted furniture that took a bit of time and care, with a nod to the right materials and layers. :)

  5. I got on the presale list to get Carolyne Roehm's book when it came out. I spend hours looking at the photos. So many of these pieces are just so rare and 2die4. I don't like blue but I love all the hand carving on the antiques and painted surfaces -- and especially the gilt. All of Carolyne's books show the furnishings in her homes. Now, if only I had her wealth, just think of what I could select for my home too!! But I do love my new Amy Howard pieces.

  6. I love the dresser/buffet piece! Stunning!

    1. The painted furniture is very inspiring here. It sis great looking