Friday, August 15, 2014

Lime Wax Finish

The addition of wax to any finish really gives it that final sophisticated touch. Liming wax is one of the Amy Howard At Home ® waxes that really pops after being used. More recently in interior design, limed wax finishes have come back into vogue and are becoming increasingly popular. Liming actually originate in the 1500s in Europe as means of providing protection for wooden pieces from insects and worms. With the wax giving that whiter finish, it soon became the style that people wanted.

When liming a piece, you should start with using a wood with an open, loose grain; like oak. The open grain allows for the liming wax to fill into the grain as opposed to the moldings. It also works on vivid colored pieces to make them less vibrant if you are looking to create more of a pastel color.

The "white wash" finish is another term for liming. I love the simplicity of the wood boards which in their simplicity somehow exude a “modern” edginess.

The process of using the Amy Howard At Home ® Liming Wax is super simple as with all the products in the Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™ line.  

  • There is no need for prepping your piece.
  • Apply the Liming Wax ® directly to bare wood.
  • As an option, first you can brush your piece with a wire brush to get a more open and supple surface for the wax to adhere to.
  • Apply using a bristle brush.
  • Follow up with a t-shirt rag to buff the piece and remove the excess.
  • To create a more antiqued looking finish and look -- simply apply another layer of wax
  • Magic.

Liming Inspiration:
Photo by Nicolas Matheus in Cote Sud
Pair of Limed Oak Cabinets with Nickel Hardware, American, circa 1950's.
The wood graining is very expressive and is highlighted by the limed or cerused oak finish. They each offer a storage, with a wide, deep drawer at the top and double doors underneath which open to reveal a large area with an adjustable shelf. They are a very versatile size and could be used as a storage cabinet, bar, or TV/media cabinet in a living area, or as a chest in a bedroom setting. The price of $5500 noted in this listing is for the pair of chests. The price for a single cabinet is $3000.
Hallidays paneled walls  
Italian Style by Jane Gordon-Clark
Kitchen cabinets
I love the limed wood finish in a bakery located in London
Beautiful finish that Michele Hiley did in creating a Pallet Wall
using the Amy Howard At Home™ Liming Wax

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  1. In my living room there's a 1980s built in bar with a very pale oak finish. If I removed the polyurethane and applied this product, would the end result be darker and more up to date?

    1. The end result would be lighter since the wax has a white undertone.