Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One Step Paint Color Mixing

Coloring Mixing with the One Step Paint colors is always fun because there are so many different options.  You can truly create any color you want.  The colors options are endless... today though, I mixed 1/3 Aubergine + 1/3 Rugo + 1/3 Nottaway to create a light purple color.

Colors -- much like everything else fashion or designed based -- are subject to trend.  This is why there is an inordinate amount of brown and orange vintage furniture.  Below you can see the current fashion trend colors -- and it appears that the current selection of Amy Howard at Home One Step Paints are very trendy.

I love the neutral pale blue walls with the bold accessories
Flowers are always a great place to get color ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes -- if you are playing with different colors -- I often suggest to hit your local farmer’s market and put together a flower arrangement.  I think this simple act unconsciously drives you towards your optimal color choices.
I love the contrast of this glossy purple lacquer against the tile backdrop in this kitchen
Relatively toned down use of the purple and blues in this bedroom
Purple velvet upholstery works with the yummy whites
Of course, the beauty of nature
Love this antique inspiration with the dark walls

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate.

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