Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Classical Motif: Egg-and-Dart

Beautiful handrail with egg-and-dart detailing

Classical motifs in art are omnipresent and I want to assist you in the identification process; whether it is an acanthus leaf, a greek key, or egg-and-dart

The Egg-and-dart motif is an ornamental design  often carved into wood, stone, or plaster, consisting of an egg-shaped object alternating with an element shaped like an arrow, anchor, or dart. The motif has been common in the classical architecture of Europe since the Renaissance. The Greeks and Romans both used the decorative element in architecture. 
When seen in art history, the Iconic capital is commonly enriched with the egg-and-dart.
Beautiful Antique detail of Egg-and-Dart
This mirror from FirstDibs, dates back to Austria in the 1820s with original gilt egg-and-dart details
Even an urn has the detailing that you may have not even known about!

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