Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cocooning bedrooms

Every night when I go to bed, I love to look at some beautiful flowers or something blooming in this little french cup that I use as a vase. I  really enjoy using little quirky containers for flowers. Since, I don't like seeing the stems on the flowers, I like using things that you cannot see through.  This particular day, I had a succulent in lieu of flowers....these can literally last for weeks. There is something very special about having some of my favorite pieces at my bedside to enjoy every day.
My days are filled with meetings and deadlines. I enjoy having a bedroom that is tranquil and monochromatic.

When we first starting making furniture, this Juliet bed was one of our first designs. I so love the canopy and the feeling  of cocooning, when I literally crawl into bed at night. I enjoy combining an 18th Century style bed with a modern take on mirrored furniture. I did finish the stanley nightstand in antiqued sterling silver. That way I can have the black pulled finish and the mirror nightstand compliment one another.  After looking at so many options I finally  upholstered the walls in  Belgium linen. I enjoy  having the drapes the same fabric or value color as the walls.


  1. Love the Juliet bed in combination with the mirrored furniture! Perfectly serene.

  2. Before I go to bed I take a sniff of my roses.

    -Zane of ontario honey