Monday, December 19, 2011

Special Wall Treatments

 When I saw this F. Shumacher fabric I knew that I had to upholster the walls with it. Only to find out later that it came out a wallpaper. I love the drama that it gives the room. I adore the impact with the Paul Edelstein painting. I was careful to keep the rest of the room fairly monochromatic grays, since all the impact is in the upholstery on the walls.
Here in our sons room, we used a Toile  that became a beautiful backdrop for the antique cabinet we made into a vanity.  Upholstering walls can be very easy. First you glue upholster batting onto your walls from the ceiling trim to the base trim. Then sew the pieces of fabric together in long pieces long enough to cover one entire wall and end in the corner. You can come back with a hand upholster stapler and tighten the fabric onto the wall over the batting. Then you will sew welt cord out of your fabric and hot glue over the staples. Pay special attention to your corners.
 Upstairs, in our main hall,we have a sitting area. I wanted to have a cozy area that if the children wanted to sit and read a book they could do so. Imagine a teenager sitting in a french bergere and reading a classic. Well.... as you can imagine... that never happened. The idea was nice.... so I have a beautiful area to look at. Here is a little chair that I found at an Estate sale and I love the color of it with these beautiful peach  silk drapes. Notice the tie back! Love these antique tie backs, this one is bronze and 18th Century.  The wall treatment here is rice paper that has been gilded in silver leaf and embossed then glazed.

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