Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm allergic to plastic flowers!

There are three essentials that I have to have in my home every day. 1. Great music playing  2. A beautiful fragrant candle burning  3. Fresh flowers! I simply cannot have plastic flowers or plants. My children will laugh and say Mom is allergic to plastic flowers. Maybe I am allergic to the dust they collect! Here is a beautiful arrangement of tulips and roses. I love the rustic tree root container that they are in.
Literally every flat surface in my home is covered with collections of shells, antiquities, books, photos and  scrumptious FLOWERS.
This simple square vase becomes a base for a flower sculpture! The cabbage,  hydrangeas and ca lilies with the carnation tricks are a visual feast! Who ever thought that bear grass would make a great little handle.
Hydrangeas, roses and ca lilies oh my.
I enjoy the  impact that three vases are so much more powerful than one large one. It almost seems like they are dancing.


  1. You made me laugh, does anyone actually use plastic flowers any more? I agree with you real flowers and I have paper whites and tuberose around the house and it smells heavenly. If you really like scent toss a little clove onto a fire, love it!

  2. I guess I am not following your blog????i thought I was....

  3. Exactly. Even on a budget you can have beautiful fresh flowers. Paper whites, for example, leave no one the excuse to "need" fake flowers.


  4. Are you seriously? I love plastic flowers. They can't die on you.

    -Zane of ontario honey