Monday, December 5, 2011

Dressing tables

For years, I have collected little sterling silver frames, perfume bottles and sterling hair brushes. I love elegant things, such as linen and all things sterling silver. Fresh flowers in in these estate sale found vases make my dressing area so happy.
When we were building our home in Normandy Park. I decided that I wanted a dressing table. This is the area from our mater bathroom and closet. I adore monochromatic gray rooms and wanted to use my favorite fabric, Fortuny. I covered the walls in a raw silk and found this fabulous venetian mirror in New Orleans. I decided to create a draped table and take one of our existing venetian benches in the line and paint to... match the fabric. I love taking little sterling candle sticks and electrifying them for lamps. Remember light floor and dark walls... or darker floors and lighter walls. That is what can create the most impact when you have monochromatic color themes. I also hung a very contemporary painting in this room for visual impact. I am also very careful to not stay with one period of design. It is best to mix all styles and periods for the most impact.


  1. Your mirror is to die for and the Fortuny, I'm dreaming! Nice that you were able to get a little something you dreamed of...

  2. I love having new blogland friends that love Fortuny as much as I do. Thank you

  3. Oh my, I can't stop looking at the picture above! The fabric, that mirror!!

  4. I can't stop my self too and just watching picture. It's really a unique design and a great piece in furniture world. I can say, every woman dreams for such kind of dressing table. Thanks for sharing this and I would love to share it with my all friends.

    Carol@ dressing tables