Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Showhouse Master Bedroom

Here is the master bedroom that I did for the National Cancer Society Show house. The idea was to have a very serene color palette with a little glam. This is one of our best selling Keats Beds. I love the intaglios that are hanging above it. Notice the palette of monochromatic colors and how calming it is. I enjoy using cooler and more serene colors. 
This stanley nightstand is finished in sterling silver leaf and light antiqued mirror. The collection of antique paintings and gilded fragments give the mix of texture needed with these divine lucite lamps.
This little Gracie table added just the needed deco look of glam for the room.
The entry was not very large. So I used this acrylic console and some industrial ottomans. I love how the vases full of tulips seem to float. The painting is an en caustic that from L. Ross galleries here in Memphis. I have always loved abstract and contemporary art that is not expected. 
In the hallway I was able to design this little niche with all these yummy accessories. The fragment is 18th century and looks so organic on the acrylic stand. Something that would just sit around and not have any great purpose. Now you can give it a place of importance by having it on a lucite stand. The books are ones from the Paris Flea Market. Tying some vintage ribbon around them or twine can take them from loose books to a statement piece. Adding elements of humor in your home will make you happy. When I select art it is always an emotional connection. I loved these sheep and the whimsy that the artist  gave to them.


  1. What a great bed! And, actually, what a great room. Very serene.

  2. Beautiful room and I love those nightstands and that console in the hallway. I hope the showhouse is getting a crowd.


  3. I love the bed as well. Sleeping on that bed must be very comfortable. The mattress also looks intact. I wish I had the money to afford this type of bed.

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