About Amy Howard

Amy Howard is proof that following one’s dreams with passion and hard work can lead to a life of success and happiness. With the help of her husband, Gene, Howard owns and manages Artisan Studios, which is where the Amy Howard Collection is produced. The upscale, hand-crafted and hand-painted interpretations of fine antiques produced through Artisan Studios are inspired by styles dating back to the Renaissance and 17th and 18th Century France. 

Amy began her career as an artist, studying decorative arts and mural painting in New York and San Francisco. In 1984, she returned to her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where she began to teach decorative arts while painting murals and finishes in homes and commercial establishments. Although Amy enjoyed the work, her real dream was to design and build her own furniture.

In 1991, Amy and Gene began creating decorative room divider screens in the garage of their Memphis home.

“I love screens and what they can do for an interior, especially antique screen,” said Amy. “To me, it was like taking a canvas and making it three-dimensional. At the time, I couldn’t afford an antique screen, so I produced one for myself. I told myself that if I like it I would start to sell them to others.”

Amy kept her word. That year her antique screens, based on 17th Century design elements, were sold to antique stores and individuals in the Memphis area.

Business began to grow. During their first year, the Howards decided to move out of the garage and purchase space so they could expand their business to restoring and hand-painting antique furniture. Soon after, Artisan Studios was established. The couple traveled throughout the South to various flea markets in order to purchase all types of antiques to restore and refinish.

As word trickled through Memphis and surrounding neighborhoods, Artisan Studios became extremely popular. As the demand for Amy’s antique furniture grew, a problem arose; the kinds of antiques they were using were becoming very difficult to find, especially at affordable prices. The Howard’s decided the time was right to fulfill Amy’s original dream to design and build her own furniture. The result became the Amy Howard Collection.

Originally based on a motto, “if we can’t find it, then we’ll make it,” the Amy Howard collection began one piece at a time and today has grown into one of the most sought-after furniture lines in the country. The collection now consists of nearly 300 pieces made with a commitment to quality and artistry that are unparalleled in the furniture industry.

Amy has mastered the ability to create the look, feel, and patina of fine antiques, but with a pragmatic approach to today’s lifestyles. She has an impeccable style, resulting in furniture that effortlessly blends with genuine antiques, as well as contemporary d├ęcor. Every piece is built by a wood craftsman and moves to a number of talented artisans, where it goes through a complex process of sanding, painting, gilding, waxing and buffing – all done by hand. At each stage, the piece is thoroughly examined to make sure every detail is perfect.

The Amy Howard Collection is sold by retailers nationwide, numerous interior designers, and displayed in design showrooms in upscale markets across the United States. Amy also continues to create custom pieces for a loyal client base that includes politicians, professional athletes, and musicians.

Amy continues to expand throughout the home industry. In addition to constantly introducing new furniture, in Fall, 2011, she introduced a line of high-quality finish products, Amy Howard At Home, for professional decorative artists and DIY’ers.

Amy Howard is driven by her love of decorative arts and is dedicated to developing new techniques. The Amy Howard Collection contains creations handmade with pride, integrity, and craftsmanship.

For more information about the Amy Howard Collection or to locate the closest retailer, visit Amy online at www.amyhowardathome.com and www.amyhowardcollection.com.