Monday, February 9, 2015

Featured Retailer : Shawna Jeannine

I am excited to share with you our Featured Retailer, Shawna Jeannine, with two locations in Virginia. Shawna shared, "My business is named after my first and middle name: ‘Shawna Jeannine.’ In the beginning, I wanted to create a separate Facebook page dedicated to the furniture that I had painted. After successfully selling furniture via Facebook, my business continued to expand - but the name stayed the same. Currently, I sell both painted furniture and Amy Howard At Home products at ‘The Robin’s Nest Antiques and Collectibles’ located at 8371 West Main Street in Marshall, VA – Near Haymarket, Gainesville, and Manassas. 
Above, outside of the Robin’s Nest
inside the Robin's Nest
Amy Howard at Home Painting Workshop pictures from 12/9/2014. Lots of fun!!

"For me, painting furniture combines my love of yard sales and thrift shops, the desire to “fix” things, and the calming presence of a paint brush in my hand! I love seeing the transformation that takes place in a piece after it is painted and the gratification that comes from knowing that I was a part of it. My motto is: “See the Potential…” I think at times we can all identify with those overlooked pieces of furniture. However, the potential is usually already there - we just have to see it and believe. I enjoy working with Amy Howard One-Step paint because it glides on so smoothly and does not “drag.” I also like how versatile it is and how I can achieve a lot of different “looks.” The wax is also very easy to apply and doesn’t streak compared to other waxes I’ve used."

Some of her Before and After projects include the following: 
For the above China Cabinet, I painted the interior with ‘Selznick Grey’ One-Step and the exterior with ‘Remis Grey’ Toscana over ‘Linen’ One-Step. I then finished the exterior with Light & Dark wax as well as Dust of Ages.
For the above chair, I also used Amy Howard ‘Remis Grey’ Toscana over ‘Linen’ One-Step. Everything was then finished with Light & Dark Wax as well as Dust of Ages. 
This dresser was painted with ‘Cote d’ Azure’ Toscana over ‘Linen’ One-Step. Gold leaf was also applied to highlight the medallions at the bottom. Finally, Light & Dark wax, and Dust of Ages were added. 
I am always touched by how friends think of me when they have furniture to get rid of. I take it as a compliment that they figure I will know what to do with it. I received this Hoosier Cabinet from a friend who had it stored in their barn for years. Needless to say, it was in rough shape and did need some sanding where the old paint was peeling off. I used ‘Tick Tock’ One-Step and the end product. 

Shawna Jeannine
Shawna Jeannine's Facebook page

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