Friday, December 30, 2011

Cancer Society Showhouse day 2

In the dining room I designed a custom gueridon cabinet with mercury mirror. I found this phenomenal painting by Anton Weiss at L. Ross Gallery here in Memphis and created the color on the cabinet to compliment it. 
I needed another sitting area in the family room and I didn't want to block the view to the backyard. So, I designed this backless sofa to see the view while having ample seating for entertaining. I actually love backless sofas. Twice the amount of people will sit on one of these styles than a standard sofa with a back any day. The clean lines and simplicity of the color palette make it so calming. The fabric is F. Schumacher.
The breakfast room was  not very large but I loved the view of the lemon tree outside. I decided to keep it light and airy and applied  our white venetian plaster  on the walls and polished to a high sheen. The drapes were a embroidered linen in taupe and white. Because of the small space, I decided to use just intaglios as our art. Notice the zinc console that sits up high. I loved mixing the water gilded torcheres on it with this adorable crusty old urn. I am a texture fanatic. The chairs were a new design for the show house. I knew I needed something somewhat dainty while being a statement piece.
Here is a better view of the dining room. I wanted to have it where anyone would feel comfortable eating in this room. Also, using it as a buffet table if the owner wanted to entertain a large group. I adore using real candles in a dining room! It adds an element of romance and people are so surprised when they see them. I just make sure to put halogen wall washers on dimmers in the same room. They give an incredible ambiance.
The armoire is a great visual anchor for this room. I have always said that everyone room needs a little black. Bringing the outside in with some English box woods added so much.


  1. Lovely gueridon cabinet!

    Do you often use Venetian plaster?

  2. I love how widely spaced out the dinning room is. It makes you feel really comfortable when you eat there I bet. Dinning rooms and kitchens need to have lots of space when people eat. This helps them eat comfortably.

    -Zane of ontario honey