Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Classical Motif: Acanthus

Acanthus is one of the common plant forms to make foliage and decoration. It is an architectural ornament resembling the leaves of the plant. The carved ornament is based on the leaves of the acanthus plant. In architecture, a great example is on the capital of a Corinthian column.
The word origin of acanthus dated back to the early 1600s from Greek aka meaning "point, thorn" + anthos which translates to "flower" It was named for its large spiny leaves. The acanthus in architecture was used by the Greek and Romans and Byzantines.

Beautiful Examples:
Print, "Floral and Acanthus Leaf Design", 1740, National Design Museum
Acanthus Demilune with traditional style
Palazzo Scale Italian Tole Sconces With Acanthus Leaves
Hand-carved surround with acanthus leaves; add these throughout the house to add character
Lovely detail on this Gilded Mirror
The Amy Howard Venetian Secretary has acanthus painted detailing

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  1. I love each picture and the detail I love to decorate. The funny thing is when movies are on or TV. I look at the decor LOL > SO for me this post is perfect . I love learning things and what things are etc. Thanks for always sharing GREATNESS my friend.