Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Color Mixing: Get in Gear + Dunavant

Often, when we pick a color -- we are feel limited and confined to it.  Color mixing with the One Step paint gives you every possible color option.  I chose two colors with green undertones.  I wanted to re-create the color (and feel) of a lush, forest carpeted in that rich green moss.  To achieve this luscious and thriving green I mixed equal parts Get in Gear and Dunavant Green. With green already being a secondary color, made of yellow and blue, the options in tone can vary from creating a light green to a very dark shade of emerald. AHAH -- a magical green is now ready to be applied.

One Step Color Palette:

I love this malachite ceiling composed of varied degrees of green
I love the elegance of the floor to ceiling curtains and the Vibrance of the Green pulls the room together with a soft and elegant finish.
Bright glossy doors
Tory Burch's living room
Kitchen cabinets
Nature always serves as the greatest inspiration for color possibilities.

Rescue, Rescue, Redecorate.

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