Thursday, August 14, 2014

Featured Retailer: Joyce Shelton Studios

This week’s Featured Retailer is Joyce Shelton Studios of Casselberry, Florida. I spoke with Joyce about her retail location and am thrilled to share her amazing Rescue Restore Redecorate™ projects with you.

Amy: What made you decide to start your own business?
Joyce:  I have always been an Artist and I was able to parlay that into a business -- bridging my passion with my work.  I have shown my artwork at fine art festivals and most recently, have had the blessed opportunity to license my art for products like dishes, greeting cards, wrapping paper and giftware.  Painting on furniture was a natural progression from my surface art career.  I enjoy painting colorful designs on furniture as well as canvases - it’s was just a natural progression.   As my interest shifted from painting on canvas to painting on furniture, it was necessary to move to a studio outside of my home because I required the necessary space.  My studio is not in a retail space.  It is a working studio where I accept commissions as well as teach others.  Coming across the Amy Howard At Home ® line of products at Atlanta’s mart last summer, gave me further incentive to move to a studio away from home so that I could share my talents and knowledge with others who want to learn how to do it themselves.  Sharing my talent -- beyond the final product -- but sharing the experience of creating art with my customers really fulfills me.

A: What is your company motto?
J: I don’t know if you’d call it a motto, but I consider myself  a decorative artist, on a mission to inspire an artful life.

A: What do you love about having a store?
J: I love working in my large studio space on more than one project at a time.  I now have room to spread out and have students come in with their own pieces and projects.  It’s nice to leave the undone projects and lock the door behind me - blissfully retreat to my quiet home and to not be immersed in unfinished work and possible wet paint mishaps.
Joyce's Display Cabinet: Before
Workshop in progress
A: What is your favorite AHAH product? color?
J: Toscana®  is my personal favorite paint finish but for the DIY’ers, One Step®  is by far the most fabulous and I love being able to share that.  All the colors are luscious - I don’t really have a favorite.

A: What sets you apart for other stores in your area?
J: I am not a store, but I guess what sets me apart from other artists, is that my canvas also includes furniture and although, I am less than a block away from the MAJOR DIY paint competition, I feel I have the best products in the area.   

A: I cant live without my
J: Supportive family and my morning coffee!

A: What is your favorite season?
J: Autumn

A: What is your aesthetic in 3 words?​
J: Artistic, classy, simple
Lacquered in White Perfection®
Before and After Side Table painted with a base of Black One Step®
Before and After Cabinet
Before and After Citron® Lacquered Table and Chairs
Painted in the Amy Howard At Home Black One Step Paint®

Joyce Shelton Studios
122 Live Oak Blvd.
Casselberry, FL 32707
(321) 972-1941
(407) 353-4323

Rescue Restore Redecorate.

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