Monday, August 4, 2014

Before and After's using the AHAH Products

Before and After Presentations are the perfect forum to show you how ridiculously amazing and simple the Amy Howard at Home (AHAH, get it?) products are.  We haven’t had a product like this available on the market before -- so, it is difficult to conceive of taking on a project -- when you believe that it will require a zilion little steps.  This too, is like life, if the goal is too far away -- we tell ourselves -- oooh, that is simply un-doable.  Sometimes, you just need to be set up for success.  AHAH products do just that.  All you need is a piece of furniture and a vision -- no sanding, no stripping -- no impossible tasks -- just a creative inkling and a can of AHAH paint.  AHAH your life and brighten up a bit.

Before: Desk
After: Desk
Thanks Haley's Cottage for sharing.
AHAH -- a new desk -- this desk really has an entirely new  presence and look to it after
the One Step Paint, Light Wax, and Dark wax were applied.

Before: Twin Headboards
In Process: Headboards
Each piece was painted with the One Step Paint and waxed.
Mirror pieces were cut to fit the pieces and then 
antiqued with the Amy Howard At Home Antique Mirror Kit.
After: Headboards
Thank you Thelma, owner of TJ's Inspirations, for the great idea!
This was such a creative idea for these twin headboards.

Before: Table
After: Dining Room Table
Thanks Lila Home for sharing.
The customer was looking for colors to match the fabric on her curtains in her kitchen.
She was able to use the Charm School and Bauhaus Buff to finish her table.  She was quickly able to create an AHAH masterpiece.

Before: Cabinet
After: Cabinet
This great cabinet was finished by Stacie at The Royal Room.
The customer added glass doors to the cabinet and painted it using the Linen One Step Paint.
The finished piece has completely been transformed!
Change can be magical.

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate.

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