Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is Lacquer?

One of my favorite and most unique products in the Amy Howard At Home® product line is our High Performance Spray Lacquer™. It allows you to get that really smooth, glossy, gorgeous finish!

Lacquer is defined as being a hard, protective coating consisting of a resin dissolved into a volatile solvent.  This resin is primarily harvested from a tree indigenous to China known as the Lacquer Tree.  

Lacquer as a finish has deep roots in Chinese history.  During the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC), the sophisticated techniques used in the lacquer process were first developed and it became a highly artistic craft. The earliest extant lacquer object, a red wooden bowl, was unearthed at a Hemudu culture. During the Eastern Zhou period (771–256 BC), lacquerware began appearing in large numbers, thus this was the earliest era from which notable quantities of lacquerware have survived.
An example of a late 18th Century English Lacquered Chest

In terms of modern products, lac-based finishes are referred to as shellac. While both lacquer and shellac are traditional finishes, lacquer is more durable than shellac. In terms of the decorative arts, lacquerware refers to variety of techniques used to decorate wood, metal or other surfaces.

Lacquer Ideas:
Fun Lacquered Chest with geometric detailing
Grey doors
*We lacquered my front door with the La Grange Lacquer!
Black is a great way to add that glossy finish with a subtlety
Simple white lacquered desk
Fun Lacquered chest to brighten up a room
Great little side table with that lovely smooth, glossy finish
Our Anna Chest in Lacquer from the Showroom in Atlanta
Lacquered mirror frame 
Amy Howard At Home Furniture Lacquer
Available in 21 colors!

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

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