Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Design Inspiration

Part of my vision behind Amy Howard at Home products is to be mindful of our overall impact.  Each year, 8.5 million tons of furniture are thrown away in the United States alone.  We have become a culture of use and toss -- and in the process we are destroying our environment.  Somewhere along the way -- we came to believe that new is better -- but ‘new’ comes with costs that we don’t necessarily take into account when we make an immediately gratifying purchase.  What I have discovered is the thrill that one may get when you make a new purchase is far less exhilarating than the excitement and pride you feel when you get to Enjoy the Bragging Rights ™ after you have had the opportunity to Rescue Restore and Redecorate ™ something entirely and uniquely you.

Today I wanted to share a design company that truly inspires me: Sutton Chao.  The owners of Sutton Chao make it their business to go out and and rescue pieces, refinish them to then be resold. Their company motto is, "In today's world, there is no room for modern businesses to be anything but environmentally and socially responsible. We aim to lessen the amount of waste and the impact of that waste on the environment by reclaiming the incredible quality of craftsmanship of American-Made designer furniture and combining them with modern finishes, colors, and twists to create elegant and timeless pieces."

Sutton Chao’s philosophy truly embodies the Rescue Restore Redecorate ™ ethos.  Their Rescued pieces have been immaculately Restored and masterfully Redecorated.  They have a vast selection of uniquely beautiful pieces.  Their color selections are completely on point which allows these Renewed pieces to take center stage.  I hope that their work and passion inspire and encourage you to Rescue Restore and Redecorate ™  your own pieces of salvaged or discarded furniture.  I further challenge you to reevaluate your culturally engendered understanding of ‘new.’  
Pair of Hollywood Regency Lacquered Chinoiserie American of Martinsville Nightstands
They are from the 1960s and are made of wood.
The pair sells for $1,125.

Edward Wormley for Drexel Precedent Credenza
This piece is from the 1940s. 
It is on sale for $1,495.

Lacquered Shangri La Chinoiserie Dresser Chest
This piece was made in the 1960s.
It is on sale for $1,185.

Lacquered Brass-Clad Console Table
This vintage item is from the 1960s. 
It is on sale for $545.

Lacquered Midcentury Modern Bachelor's Chest by American of Martinsville
This piece is from the 1960s.
It sells for $1,045.

China Red Faux Bamboo Chippendale Nightstands
The pair is from the 1950s.
Together the pair sells for $995.

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate.

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