Thursday, March 13, 2014

Retailer Highlight: Dust of Ages Tutorial

Dust of Ages is one product in the Amy Howard At Home line that I use in addition with almost all of the paints and powders. The Amy Howard At Home Dust of Ages powder aids in polishing wax topcoats to a subtle sheen and settles into crevices as if collected over hundreds of years. You can use it in conjunction with other Amy Howard At Home Finish products to create a truly authentic, delicately aged finish.

You can use this powder after using the Amy Howard At Home Waxes in order to give it that extra final touch.

One of our retailers, Stiltskin Studios, posted a great tutorial on using it so I thought I should share here!
This is a detail shot of the piece painted in One Step paint
Once the Dust has been applied, you must buff the piece for its final look!


  1. I recently purchased my first container of Dust of Ages and had my doubts on how it would work. I was amazed! It did exactly as you said, settled into the nooks and crannies and gave a more aged look to a cracked and worn bench that I was working on. I'm so glad I found your products, they add a versatility to my projects that is different from the other products I use, it's wonderful to have so many choices!

  2. Thank you for sharing our tutorial..we LOVE Dust of Ages!