Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Color Mixing: Palm Beach + Rugo

I love to mix colors! There are so many possibilities with our 38 One Step paint colors. When looking at a Color Wheel, you can see the three primary colors: Blue, Yellow, and Red. I decided for this project to mix the Rugo and Palm Beach which are similar to mixing Yellow and Blue as you can see below.
Today, we mixed the Palm Beach with the Rugo to make a pretty Green.

With painting a frame,  you can even add a touch of gold leaf as an accent
It is fun to add color to the inside of your bookcase
I love to find inspiration from nature!
Love the color of this distressed green chest
A great way to add color is to even paint a mirror frame
I love this bright room!
It is always great to mix pattern as well as color.
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