Monday, March 3, 2014

Testing Color on Cabinets

When deciding on a project to take on, it is always a good idea to practice beforehand. For instance, if you are deciding to repaint your kitchen cabinets with the Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint, you may want to test out colors before going ahead and painting all your cabinets. I always like to test a piece of whatever I am painting to see what the final result will look like. I often test out paint colors on trim pieces so that I can see what the final finish will look like even on the edge of a surface. 

An idea that I suggest is to go to perhaps Goodwill or a Restore if you have one in your area and purchase test cabinet doors, etc. there where you can then play with the Amy Howard At Home products to see how they will look!

As you can see below, I decided to take on a trip to purchase sample cabinet doors myself!
Trip to Goodwill
Cabinets galore
There are lots of cabinets and cabinet doors to practice on
$2.00 cabinet doors are great to play with the One Step paint colors.
They are also great for testing the Lacquer to see how it will look in your kitchen.

Pinterest Inspiration:
Great Grey on these cabinets
Pop of color- Yellow!
Darker Grey
Beautiful neutral with green undertones
Blue Lacquer

There are so many opportunities for you to redo your kitchen with simply painting your cabinets with the Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint (which is now available in 37 colors!)


  1. and your new 8oz sample pots make it easy to try out a variety of colors!

  2. just had some workshops called 'cabinet fever' and searched hi and lo for cabinet faces, found just a few.
    we had our students paint several colors they were considering and take the doors home to see in their lighting. went well!

  3. Any red projects to show us? I wanted to antique my butler pantry cabinets in charm school with a very shaker red color and dark glaze effect. Any suggestions?