Monday, December 9, 2013

"Every Room Needs a Touch of Black..."

I just happened to stumble across this quote and have found it quite appropriate from many of the rooms I have decorated. I always have collected antiques and love to display them around my home. Depending on the room, I find black to be a calming neutral color that really creates a sense of drama without being too harsh even if it is just a touch.
The black detail in the fabric is subtle 
but adds a sense of texture to the curtains from my Library
Even the simplicity of adding a black lampshade makes a difference 
with the composition of this vignette
*The pieces on the chest are all antiques that I have collected 
including the statue, books, and lamp post
The black bookshelves may be more than a "touch of black" 
but I love the way the gilded antiques stand out 
A sense of curvature is added to my bathroom with this simple black bookcase
*Coral, Antique glasses and boxes are displayed
My salon was very monochromatic with shades of White and Cream 
but this side table was a great touch of black
Lastly, I love the touch of black in the tile and tops of the stools here in the Kitchen.
*There seems to be much more of an impact with the black


  1. agree! and oh so stunning amy.
    debra phillips
    scentimental gardens
    PS; if possible amy, can you display large images, yours are always so good, would love to see all the nuances

  2. I love this and your so right . Every room does need a touch of black. Adds just that little something !!! xxoxox HUGS

  3. Black is a great "rest" for the eye, and always adds elegance and sophistication, even in a casual room. Thanks for the pics of your house!

  4. I agree with you completely, Amy. Your home is lovely and a perfect example of the "touch of black" philosophy.