Friday, December 27, 2013

Toscana Finish

These doors from my bathroom

The Amy Howard At Home Toscana Finish is a seven step artisan process that builds layers of depth to create a truly authentic, delicately aged finish. 

Below are great examples of the Toscana look. 
I was in Dallas at the Mews Antique Mall and a few other shops in the area.
These were some old columns that we found.
They are a great example of Toscana finished and layers colors allowing the legno gesso to be heavy and crack your finish and flake off here and there.
Detail of the column
Another detail
Toscana finish: Almost worn away paint perfect for Toscana inspiration
Toscana look on cabinet
Toscana: Here is another reason why I adore our Toscana finish.
You can naturally wear away most of your finish and have this very Proven├žal look

Other Inspiration from Pinterest:
This is the perfect Toscana finish and color! Light wear and composition where it was used and loved for years.
Great Color Inspiration

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