Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Use of Color

The first step to figuring out the colors you would like to use in decorating is to set a color scheme. You want to be able to create an atmosphere that is appealing and comfortable to your needs. Using the color wheel can be a valuable guide when deciding.

You cannot be afraid of color when decorating an interior!

A great way to find color schemes that you like are looking to your own wardrobe or on the runways!

Other places of inspiration often are found in pieces of art, furniture, patterned rugs, and floral arrangements.

I often am inspired by the other rooms that I see online or in magazines. I love to collect my favorite images which really then show my personal taste when all of them are displayed together.

When choosing color, you must realize that color “can set the mood for a room and lay the foundation for a space's style and personality. Every room in your home has several opportunities to introduce color” – including paint, curtains, linens, furniture, accessories, artwork, flooring, and so much more.


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  1. I love it all. YOUR super talented and I love that display window. ... I know I would walk on in. LOVE it all . KEEP those great posts coming my friend. Have a blessed October season .