Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Rescue. Restore. Redecorate.

The three R’s are the tagline for the Amy Howard At Home product line. With the product line, we want to encourage you to go out and save a piece of furniture! With over 15 million pieces of American made furniture being thrown out annually, I have found how you can rescue those pieces by simply using the Amy Howard At Home products.

One of the best places to find those pieces is Habitat for Humanity’s Restores. We have one down the road from our studio so I have been lucky enough to rescue pieces that we have had at market and for workshops.

Just recently, I was asked to rescue a few pieces for the Habitat for Humanity’s Annual Toolbox Bash in December. All proceeds directly support Habitat’s mission to eliminate substandard housing throughout the city of Memphis and its surrounding areas. Since 2008, the Tool Box Bash has raised more than $165,000 to help local families achieve the American Dream! Here are the "before" pieces that we choose to restore for the auction.


Table and Chairs


Be sure to come to the event if you are in Memphis but check back for "after" pictures that will be posted as soon as the pieces are completed!

12th Annual Toolbox Bash
Friday, December 6, 2013
7 p.m. - 10 p.m. 

The Great Hall

1900 S. Germantown Rd.
Germantown, TN 38138

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  1. Fabulous pieces, each and every one! Looking forward to the "after" and how lovely that you're participating in such a great event :0)