Monday, January 5, 2015

Sample using the new Stencil Embossing Creme

Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you one of our new products, Stencil Embossing Creme. For today, I experimented on a sample to show you what kind of project you can take on! I enjoyed creating samples for furniture ideas with our new furniture stencils and embossing creme. It gives it a beautiful raised and look of hand carving! So many fun workshops in the works! We are headed to Atlanta for Gift Market and hope to see you there this week! 

Start with raw or finished wood. 
Here I was deciding what to do on my piece of furniture, 
so I thought I would use some scrap plywood to experiment on.
Paint a base coat on your piece using the One Step paint.
After painting on 2 coats, allow the piece to dry for about 15 minutes
I then laid my stencil down and used tape to secure it to the board
Tape is to hold the stencil in place
With our new stencil embossing creme, I used a plastic spatula to apply it
It's nice and thick...A little goes a long way
Holding the stencil in place, I applied the stencil embossing creme across the stencil
After the stencil creme dried about 30minutes, I thought I would hold some of the raised areas. 
I added some of our Bole which has a red color to it.
Then I applied our Gilding Size over the Bole.
I also added some Size here and there for some additional Gold Leaf accents
I applied the Gold leaf and burnished it down with tissue.
Once it had been covered, I rubbed away the excess Gold leaf with a dry brush.
I just left a suggestion of the Gold leaf.
I loved the light blue green color and how the white embossing creme and leaf were looking. So I decided to  apply a coat of white liming wax to add a little sheen and white color to the top.
Liming Wax
Final Look
Here's a final look at my sample board. I experimented with several other new stencils and the creme and gilding techniques. I have lots of ideas now for next piece of furniture.

Let me know your thoughts and how you would use these same techniques.

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