Friday, January 10, 2014

Couch Painted with One Step

We are busy right now at Atlanta Market but I wanted to share with you a fabulous, painted couch that one of our retailers did using the One Step Paint! 

Michele Hiley from Stiltskin Studios shared with us the couch on her blog here but I wanted to continue to share and give a few of her tips. The life of this specific couch is the perfect example of how to rescue, restore, and redecorate. She bought the couch for just $20 and completely has transformed the piece of furniture with the Atelier One Step Paint.



*Start dilution at about 30%. You can always add more water, and the ratio will depend on the type of fabric.  The damask needed the paint to be very runny, while the velvet experiment did not. 

*Paint the frame last if you are painting it a different color, as the fabric paint will run all over the frame. 

*Use an old brush, not an expensive new one, so you can really grind the paint in to the fabric

*Fabrics with high nap, like velvet, don't work out as well as a damask, canvas, etc. 

*If painting the seat cushions, remove the cover before painting, if possible, so you don't soak the cushions inside. 

*it wasn't difficult at all, just very messy!  That's another NOT attempt this in your living room or wearing your fav jeans!

I love being inspired and seeing how creative people are with using the Amy Howard At Home products!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Amy! This was a fun experiment, and I'm happy to report the couch is holding up GREAT...and as you can see, my son routinely puts it to the test!