Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taylor's Bunk Bed and Nightstand

I love when customers share their stories about how they have taken an old piece of furniture that has meaning in their lives and completely transformed it so that it is up to date and back in their lives. 

With this, Taylor shared her story on her blog, where her husband had his childhood bunk beds and nightstand and they were not going to get rid of them. She clearly was not a huge fan of the pieces but came across the One Step Paint when stopping in one of our retailers, Lulu, in Franklin, TN. She was not familiar with painting furniture but decided to try out the One Step Paint!

Before: Nightstand
Before: Bunk Beds
She decided on the Java One Step Paint
Stirring it up!
After: Nightstand
She took the extra steps to wax and use the Dust of the Ages 
which really make the piece stand out.
In process: Bunk Beds
The Final After of the furniture pieces!! 

It is great to see how she completely took our tag line, 
Rescue, Restore, Redecorate and truly put it to use!

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  1. My kids had those same looking bunk beds. I wish that i still had them sometimes to repurpose. I love the after also. GREAT job my friend. Looks awesome