Friday, November 14, 2014

Build It Yourself: Antique Mirror Tray

I am excited to share with you one of our Build It Yourself projects. Today, you can build your own Antique Mirror Tray using the Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Kit. I have provided instructions to create the tray where you can then inlay your antiqued mirror.

Materials Needed:
1⁄2” Plywood: 1 sheet 3’ x 3’ 
1⁄2” Poplar: 1 sheet 3’ x 3’ 
1⁄4” Round Over Bit: 10 ft. 
5⁄8” Pin Tacks 
1 1⁄4” Brand Nails 
Wood Putty 
Wood Glue 
Miter Saw 
Router & Flush Cut Bit 
Table Saw 
Jig Saw 
Tape Measure

Your beautiful finished tray!

Additional How To Instructions: Lacquer and Eglomise

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