Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Antiquing Zinc

The Amy Howard At Home Zinc Solution enables you to give metal the look of aged zinc.

Use the Antiquing Solution to oxidize and age the metal, then follow with an application of Light Wax to buff and seal. 

Materials Needed:
-Amy Howard At Home Zinc Solution
-Plastic Container
-Degreaser Cleanser (such as Simple Green)
-Paper Towels
-T-shirt rag
-Your piece of galvanized sheet metal

*Before you start on your project, know that if your piece of metal has scratches or marks on it, that is OK!! It will make your Zinc piece look old and worn. Such great character!

You will need to clean your piece first. You a Degreaser to clean the entire surface of your metal. This will rid it of the greasy, oily feel of the metal.

With your paper towel, use the Degreaser in a circular motion to make sure you do not miss any coverage of your piece.

Allow your metal piece to dry thoroughly. 

Pour your Amy Howard At Home Zinc Solution into your plastic container. (You may also use a Styrofoam bowl)

Before you dip your rag into your Amy Howard At Home Zinc Solution, make sure you are wearing gloves.

Use your t-shirt rag to soak up the Zinc Solution.
*You do not want the t-shirt rag to be drowning in solution. If you feel it is, lightly shake the rag. DO NOT SQEEZE!

Now, use your rag to lightly dab the metal. Dab and dot your rag in different directions and cover the whole piece of metal.

You will begin to see the oxidation process happen immediately. Your piece of metal with the solution on top will begin to turn black.
*If you see any missed areas, go back with your rag on the spot.

Leave the piece flat to dry for about 30 to 45 minutes.

As the solution begins to dry, you will begin to see the metal gradually turning into that dead, chalky finish of Antique Parisian Zinc.
*If you are using this for a counter top, vanity or top of any piece of furniture, be sure to seal it with wax, but if you desire a more chalky, blue green finish, do not seal it!


Find the Antique Zinc Solution here!

**Annual maintenance applications of Light Wax are recommended to protect your piece. Take a plain metal desktop from standard to special, or add a unique top to your kitchen island. Create an aged zinc finish on metal candlesticks or containers!

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