Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Table Accessories

One important detail in decorating is making sure tables are accessorized well. I always love to use products such as books and frames that have importance and meaning to me. That way, the small details become the emotional and personal part of the room. 

Old Antiques add history and a sense of time of where and when products such as this one were made and found
Books again bring a sense of history but also create dimension to an area with being a platform for other items such as flowers
Antique solid marble balls are placed here in an old crusty urn
*The marble balls were found in a dam in Georgia
This vignette has an array of products which I find beautiful placed together
*I love the shape and texture of this piece of coral
On my bedside, I have gilded frames with old photos in them along with books and of course, a lamp so that I can read at night
My vanity has antique brushes and perfume bottles 
This side table next to the couch has a few different pieces though you must edit so your tables look cluttered
*The additions of candles and flowers are always great when you are hosting guests
Detail of this beautifully detailed wooden box from the side table above

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  1. This is all just beautiful. I love that side table > just perfection. I love it all. I would feel at home there. My kind of Decor . Thanks for sharing such lovely pics my friend