Monday, November 4, 2013

The Glass Refrigerator

In our new house, I broke down and bought the glass front sub zero fridge! I had to have one after seeing all the great photos on Pinterest. Here are a few examples that I think really work...


  1. YOUR house is amazing. I love the glass FRIDGE !!!

  2. These are gorgeous, but a glass front fridge is my idea of a nightmare! lol Open cabinets stress me out enough, I can't imagine what a lunatic I'd be if I had to worry about the fridge contents being visible, too! You are a BRAVE woman, Amy!

  3. I bought a glass front subzero about 1 year ago and I LOVE it!! It is so much roomier than I thought and is no trouble keeping organized....but my cabinets are organized so really it is easy to do. Every time someone comes into our kitchen they comment on it and how much they love it. It is a jewel!!! Enjoy!!