Friday, May 9, 2014

Before and After: Erin Hughes

We decided to have a Before and After Contest for our Retailers to submit pieces of furniture or projects that they had completed. We had so many awesome submissions and I am excited to share with you our first place winner today- Erin Hughes Designs.  Erin is a mother of three little girls, a photographer, and now "thanks to Amy Howard's wonderful line of products, I'm one that loves to rescue, restore and redecorate!!"


The Buffet is One Step Credenza, Cracked Patina, Wax and Dust, and Zinc Top.

I asked Erin the following questions about her refinished buffet.
Amy: What made you decide on the color and techniques that you used? What were your thoughts when you deciding how to restore your piece?
Erin: My vision for this console was a potting shed style piece that felt clean but also showed age as if it had been used for that purpose for years.  I chose the One Step color Credenza because I thought that it would pair with the zinc top beautifully (I also just adore that color!).  I used the zinc finish to give a modern and clean work surface (the original top was just a plain brown painted top).  I then applied the cracked patina to add age to the piece.  Of course, I finished everything up with light wax, dark wax and dust of ages!

Amy: What do you like the most about your finished piece?
Erin: I love the color tone combination of the cool green/blue Credenza and the gray/green of the zinc top.  It feels calm and peaceful to me.

Amy: Did you sell your piece or keep it for yourself? ​
Erin: I actually just finished this piece on Sunday, right before the deadline!  So I have yet to bring it to the shop for sale, but that is my plan.

Amy: What is your favorite product to work with and why? 
Erin: Right now, I am really enjoying the Cracked Patina.  It's allows me to get in to the paint with my hands and add truly makes each piece unique and I love that you can use it to a small degree or really go for it to create a multi-layered product.

Erin Hughes Designs
inside Remnants Antiques
300 South Main Street
Anderson, SC 29624
(864) 226-1002
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