Friday, May 2, 2014

One Step Color Palette Ideas

I was inspired really by nature and flowers for this color palette. I love to be inspired by being outside. After having somewhat of an idea about what colors I wanted to focus in on, I then researched through images on Pinterest to further my ideas.
I choose to use three One Step colors: Windsor, Palmer Pink, and Lou Lou. 

Now here are rooms and fashion images, 
I feel have been successful in using this color palette.

Blush tone Floor to Ceiling curtains make a huge impact in this room
Beautiful use of Antique Mirror Tiles
1974 Marble Bathroom
Subtle use of Pink/Blush tone with the chest and flower arrangement
Fashion Blogger

Now you can take on your very own project using the One Step Paint to 
create a Luxury Lifestyle the DIY Way!!

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  1. What a lovely pallete. That subtle mix in the room with the chest is just yummy!