Thursday, February 13, 2014

Featured Retailer: Restoration Emporium

Restoration Emporium just started its third year in business. They are located in the heart of Kansas City that has been home to the Studebaker company and Stowe Hardware Company in the past. They have 15,000 square feet of retail space filled with items that fall under their company mission of "RE:Store RE:Purpose RE:Finish RE:New."

Their Amy Howard At Home paint display

Their First Friday business model is very unique and draws close to 15,000 people on a sale weekend. "Last weekend, we launched our Amy Howard line at sale weekend and sold out of a large number of colors we had in our stock. We actually have a boutique set up where they can shop paint get help and do little demos!!"

Before: Cabinet
All cabinets taken out, cleaned, and ready to be painted
Basic Black One Step Paint 
After: Cabinet
Beautiful detail

Before: Vanity
After: Vanity
Love to see the piece finished and out for display!

They have a One Step Workshop coming up on Saturday, February 22nd at 10am so be sure to sign up if you are in the area!
Click here to register:

Restoration Emporium
1300 West 13th Street
Kansas City, MO 64101
(913) 915-2124
Contact: Chrysy Huff
Restoration Emporium's Facebook page
Store Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 11am until 3pm
Sunday 12pm until 5pm

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