Friday, February 21, 2014

My Kitchen Redo

When we purchased our rescue house, I was most worried about the kitchen. First of all it was very small. We knew that we would have to totally tear out everything out. 
There was not light in the ceiling and just 3 bulbs on a track light. 
Here you can see the shot that we took when the first toured the house.
It would scare most people... 
Before: Kitchen
In Process
This is the kitchen in process. 
Wow.... just imagine the dust and tear out. The walls are plaster and all had to be torn out, because the water pipes were running up and down the walls, where we wanted to install windows and other appliances. 
There was a hall area that lead to the basement. 
We decided to tear out all of the cabinets and create a butlers pantry for storage 
and Gene's built in cappuccino maker. 

I knew that I wanted to use Calcutta gold marble. 
I love the large veining and clean white color contrast with the darker cabinets.
I took the marble all the way up the walls to add a 
beautiful detail to a very simple kitchen.  
We painted the cabinets the same color as the trim 
and architectural paneling in the dining room. 
We had to put in new floors to match the dining room 
since these two rooms are now one large room. 
I love fresh flowers and architectural accents and non-kitchen items to decorate with. 

We use this adorable little silver cache pot to hold our dog treats! 
The crusty 18th century architectural fragment is great against the clean Calcutta marble backdrop. 

I simmer spices almost all year room. 
I love how the smell permeates the entire house and welcomes our guests. 
I knew that we needed a special fridge for the kitchen. 
You have to have things that are special and set a room apart. 
The  36"sub zero glass refrigerator fit the bill! 
As soon as we moved in, I hung these black and white photos of our precious children. 
The cabinet is huge in size with 2 interior spice racks. 
This is the faucet at the sink on the island
The laser faucets detect your hands and come on! Love that. 
It is always a great idea to put a garbage disposal button on top of your counter. 
We can also not live without a hot water dispenser, I am a Teavana addict. 
Our acrylic benches are filled with sweet grandchildren on the weekends 
making waffle and pancake requests to Gene for his famous breakfasts. 
I love the texture of the cream hides and acrylic legs!
This is our butler's pantry
I am so glad that we took the marble as the backsplash to the butlers pantry.
I collect antique china and love mixing them when we entertain. 
I love adding antique mirror in the kitchen doors to give depth, 
light reflection and texture.
Entire Kitchen and Dining Room
This allows you to see the wall taken down between the original kitchen and dining room. 
It's easy visit with friends and family while preparing dinner.


  1. smashing in all regards!
    love the colors, calcutta up the walls and who knew, a disposal button on the counter.

  2. Beautiful design...what is the color of the cabinets?

  3. Can you share the paint color of the cabinets and trim?

  4. Amy-those acrylic stools are amazing! Are they available anywhere for retail sale? Beautiful job on the kitchen--wish I had your talent!

  5. Love!! Where can I order the acrylic stools???